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Sideritis scardica – The tea from Mount Olympus in Greece

   We are very pleased to make Americans discover the tea that cleanses the brain

The little-known tea made exclusively of the plant Sideritis scardica has a scientifically proven positive impact on the brain, the soul and the body. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose! So delicious! Hereafter the results of researches regarding just one disorder, there are many more.

  • The team of Professor Jens Pahnke from the German University of Rostock found that this tea from the Greek mountains removes 80% of the Amyloid Plaques which accumulate naturally in each human brain over the years. These plaques cause toxic deposits in our brains and give rise to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Take a look at the research here ("...decreased number and size of amyloid plaques, and improved memory..."). The medicament for Alzheimer's patients produced in Germany on base of this research and containing mainly compounds of Sideritis scardica is called “Renovare 500”.

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  • Drinking Sideritis scardica can keep your brain “fit and clean” and gives you a wonderful, deep sleep:

      do your brain this favour and order it now!


  • Sideritis scardica contains antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, iridoids and many other precious components and has a lot of health benefits; today we present you just the most known: it’s influence on human brain

  • Sideritis scardica is the mountain tea with the long, uninterrupted and bushy inflorescences (see picture above); don't confound with other species!


  • In contrast to black, green or white tea this delicious herbal tea from Greece doesn’t contain caffeine at all and has not been treated: no fermentation or oxidation, no whitening, rolling, crushing or other treatment: just the whole, pure air-dried plant

  • After years of investigations and tasting Sparta Natura has become a specialist in the matter and sells highly delicious and precious for the human wellbeing teas; for further information please consult our website, chapter “About Greek mountain tea"

  • Actually, Sparta Natura sells three different Sideritis scardica on Amazon and we were launching recently this kind, called Multi Mix because it contains the whole range of plants: long, short, thick, thin, bushy and narrow ones

        If you buy cut tea instead of broken one, you won’t know if it is really Sideritis scardica, it will

        oxidize very quickly loosing aroma and essential oils and your tea may have a bitter taste.

    Preparation instructions

  •    Boiling in a pot on a stove: strong and intense taste according to Greek tradition, delicious

  •    Boiling in a high quality water cooker: strong and intense taste, delicious

  •    Steeped in boiled water and pressed in a French press: intense and delightful

  •    Steeped in simmering water in a brew in mug infuser: light, floral taste

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  • You can prepare about 20 cups of tea with the content of one packaging (2 oz)