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 SPARTA NATURA - Sparta, Greece 

Sideritis scardica – The healthy tea from Greece

   We are very pleased to make the Americans discover the tea that cleanses the brain
  • The team of Professor Jens Pahnke from the German University of Rostock found that this tea from the Greek mountains removes 80% of the Amyloid Plaques which accumulate naturally in each human brain over the years. These plaques cause toxic deposits in our brains and give rise to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Take a look at the research here ("...decreased number and size of amyloid plaques, and improved memory...").     

  • Drinking Sideritis scardica can remove these plaques and keep your brain “fit and clean” and gives you a wonderful, deep sleep. If you agree with "Back to the Nature", do your brain this favour and order it now, you have nothing to lose!


  • The medicament for Alzheimer's patients produced in Germany on base of this research and containing mainly compounds of Sideritis scardica is called “Renovare 500”.

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  • Sideritis scardica contains antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, iridoids and many other precious components and has a lot of health benefits; today we present you just the most known: it’s influence on human brain

  • Sideritis scardica is the mountain tea with the long, uninterrupted and bushy inflorescences (see picture above); don't confound with other Sideritis species!


  • In contrast to black, green or white tea this delicious herbal tea from Greece doesn’t contain caffeine at all and has not been treated: no fermentation or oxidation, no whitening, rolling, crushing or other treatment: just the whole, pure air-dried plant

  • After years of investigations and tasting Sparta Natura has become a specialist in the matter and sells highly delicious and precious for the human wellbeing teas; for further information please consult our website, chapter “About Greek mountain tea

  • Actually, Sparta Natura sells three different Sideritis scardica on Amazon and we are launching as a new exclusive product this kind with purple tips, coming from the heights of Central Greece, extremely delicious; despite of its favorable price it contains all the therapeutic properties of the scardica species

    Preparation instructions

  • Boiling in a pot on a stove: strong and intense taste according to Greek tradition, delicious

  • Boiling in a high quality water cooker: strong and intense taste, delicious

  • Steeped in boiled water and pressed in a French press: intense and delightful

  • Steeped in simmering water in a brew in mug infuser: light, floral taste

Brandnew Offer:
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  • price of $ 9.90 for 2 oz (57 g)

  • You can prepare about 20 cups of tea with the content of one packaging (2 oz)