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Bay leaves - a Pac Man in your body! 20 gr./0,7 oz.

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    We pick these bay leaves from our tree which, without fertilizer and plant protection, grows quietly and produces constantly new leaves. After harvesting these are air dried in the shade. The appetizing smell is really revealed only when you break the dried leaves for brewing a cup of tea.


    We certainly appreciate the spicy taste preparing soups, lentils and cooked meat, but we are not aware that we are eating powerful active substances! We can benefit of these substances also by simply making a tea. For this, follow the instructions on the package. Despite the bright color, the taste is both mild and intense, very pleasant to drink.


    This tea is traditionally used for coughing, stomach and intestinal problems and for preventing flatulence. The active ingredients in the laurel leaves also act against some tumor cells and prevent high blood glucose, migraine, headache, bacterial and fungal infections. Thus, the use of antibiotics can be minimized.


    This information on the health impact comes from a study by Portuguese researchers, published in 2014 online in the „US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health“