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Mountain tea from Aegean coast, 40 gr./1,4 oz.

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    The beneficial effect of Greek mountain tea in case of cough and cold is known since ancient times. In recent years, e.g. by the University of Rostock, spectacular influences on mental and psychological health have been proven in tests with laboratory mice: it was found that the administration of this tea can reduce by 80 percent the toxic protein deposits in the brain which over the years accumulate, and  that trigger dementia and Alzheimer's disease. In short, Greek mountain tea cleans up the brain thanks to its effect on the central nervous system. Watch also the interesting video on this website in chapter "About Greek mountain tea - effects on health". The video is in German and shows mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease regaining their orientation in a water pool after the administration of Sideritis scardica. In addition to many other positive effects, this tea contains a lot of natural antioxidants and flavonoids that make free radicals harmless, with the result that the aging process is slowed down. Regarding the species sideritis scardica a corrective effect was observed in cardiac arrhythmia.


    According to a Greek postgraduate study, cultivated mountain tea contains "more and better" essential oils than the wild growing.


    This mountain tea is planted on the east coast of Central Greece at 1200 meters altitude and organically farmed. It also belongs to the species Scardica of the genus Sideritis. The field is located on southeastern hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea.


    In comparison with the Scardica from mount Olympus, this Scardica tastes stronger and more rustic; its flowers are less impressive. It is certainly a matter of taste, whether one prefers the tea from mount Olympus or from the Aegean coast. Both are extraordinarily rich in aroma; however, our Scardica from the Olympus contains a larger proportion of flowers.


    Carefully packed and low air sealed. Detailed information about preparation, essential oils, threat of extinction etc. see chapter "About Greek mountain tea" on this website.