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Olive leaf tea - good for the heart ! 40 gr./1,4 oz.

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    Whatever one may suppose: this olive leaf tea from Greece is really very tasty, special and with an unforgettable and incomparable smell and flavor! Prepared correctly it is not bitter at all and a real pleasure to drink: please follow the instructions on the package. The taste reminds a litte of licorice root.


    Actually it is very trendy to take capsules of Olive Leaf Extract: isn’t it a pity to swallow a thick capsule instead of enjoying a delightful tea with exactly the same effect? The precious compound in olive leaf is oleuropein, which is an iridoid. According to English Wikipedia, olive leaves are marketed as anti-aging, stimulating the immune system, antioxidant, cardio protective, blood sugar regulating, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.



    So we can say that olive leaf tea is protecting the heart, regulates the blood sugar, has anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and even more potent properties, as described in an American study. You will discover astonishing facts if you consult this study (US National Library of Medicine):


    Like the Greek mountain tea of the specific species Sideritis scardica (also sold by us), olive leaves contain likewise iridoids, very precious plant compounds, which explains the results of above mentioned study. Here you can take a look at the health benefits of iridoids: