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Rosemary - the natural doping, 20 gr./0,7 oz.

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    This rosemary is grown by us and he gets - besides of little water and the daily sun of Sparta - only some compost. No fertilizer, no pesticides, no post-harvest irradiation. Naturally air dried in the shade. Its fantastic and intense smell reminds of incense.


    Except its use as spicy herb for cooking you can prepare rosemary as tea; for that purpose please follow the precise instructions on the packaging. The result should be an intense brown color (see picture) . Rosemary tea has an anti-mycotic effect and combats fungal diseases, increases mental capacity, boosts blood circulation, helps against low blood pressure and has a stimulating effect. It should therefore not be enjoyed in the evening, to avoid sleeplessness. A cup in the morning, however, will give you warm feet and energy for several hours. The icing on the cake: After a few days you will be amazed to note that cellulite has been significantly reduced!


    The taste of rosemary tea is slightly tart and bitter, but not unpleasant. If the rosemary does not come from a fresh crop and already has a pale green-gray color, you cannot expect that vivid tea color and health effects.


    Rosemary contains very strong essential oils, so pregnant women and those who breastfeed should not drink rosemary tea.


    We took the health effects from the German website "", which is based on scientific sources and the US website “medicalnewsdotay”. Link to Rosemary:


    A study published in the journal "Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science" shows that an important component of rosemary, carnosic acid, can protect against macular degeneration: Link: