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St. John's Wort oil . . . . . . . . 50 ml/1,76 fl.oz.

6,50 €Preis

    In an elegant flacon with practical pipette. Also known as red oil. Thanks to special treatment our St. John’s Wort oil smells very pleasant.


    The St. John's Wort plants are collected in summer on Mount Taygetos. The flowers are put in jam glasses and filled up with organic olive oil. The closed glasses have to remain at least 40 days in the hot sun. The oil assumes an intense red color since it absorbs the active ingredients of the flowers.


    St. John's Wort oil based on olive oil is preferable to mixtures with other oils, because olive oil is reinforcing the effect of St. John’s Wort blossoms. Olive oil is even used pure, without admixtures, for skin problems. Olive oil protects against the harmful environmental effects, helps fight dry skin, relieves sunburn and has antiseptic properties. Excellent for abrasions, skin cracks, dry skin and other dermatological problems. Soothing when it's itching and burning.


    For humans and animals.

    Application: with the pipette drip a few drops on your fingers and apply gently.

    After application avoid exposing the treated area to the sun.

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