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Greek mountain tea Sid. scardica 40 gr./1,4 oz.

7,40 €Preis

    Voluminous package with a very high proportion of blossoms!


    Here is our new exquisite Scardica tea which we sell since August 2017. After having tested a multitude of Greek mountain teas from all over Greece over the past years we can say with conviction: this one is very tasty and delicious! Brewing the tea a fine, round and honey-like smell is delighting your nose and it’s like you are feeling the essential oils in the mouth. Thanks to the specific moment of harvesting the essential oils are concentrated in the flowers at their highest dose and generate the unique aroma. This is a very special tea for connoisseurs! Its exclusive quality is given to this mountain tea not only because it is not cut at the same time like the rest of the harvest, but also by the fact that our producer cultivates his scardica on the green side of the Olympus facing the sea. The strong winds blowing from the sea lend the plants this special note and we take the liberty to use exceptionally the following hackneyed expression: "The tea of ​​the gods"!


    Like all of our teas it comes from organic production since the wild Greek mountain tea is threatened with extinction. The Scardica is on the red list of endangered species (IUCN red list) and you will do a favor to Greek nature if you don’t buy wild mountain tea. According to a Greek postgraduate study the cultivated mountain tea contains "more and better" essential oils than the wild mountain tea.


    It’s the essential oils in the flowers of Scardica tea which exert a therapeutic effect on the brain, body and soul. Our teas contain very few stems and the customers get as many flowers as possible. The (real!) Scardica is one of the few mountain teas which contains iridoids, still little known plant components which have a fantastic effect on the health, see following link: The benefits of iridoids.


    The beneficial effect of Greek mountain tea in case of cough and cold is known since ancient times. In recent years, e.g. by the University of Rostock, spectacular influences on mental and psychological health have been proved in tests with laboratory mice: it was found that the administration of this tea can reduce by 80 percent the toxic protein deposits in the brain which over the years accumulate and which trigger dementia and Alzheimer's disease. In short, Greek mountain tea cleans up the brain thanks to its effect on the central nervous system. Watch also the interesting video. The video is in German and shows mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease regaining their orientation in a water pool after the administration of Sideritis scardica. 

    In addition to many other positive effects this tea contains a lot of natural antioxidants and flavonoids that make free radicals harmless, with the result that the aging process is slowed down. Regarding the species Sideritis scardica a corrective effect was observed in cardiac arrhythmia and its soothing impact on "ADHD children" (preferably presented as iced tea).


    A tip for women around and after the menopause: drink in the morning a sage tea (by Sparta Natura ....) which supplies the body with natural estrogen and in the evening, a Scardica tea: an unbeatable combination that makes sense!


    Many vendors sell another of the 150 occurring sideritis species as "Sideritis scardica", although one sees from the naked eye that the picture shows a different species. For example there is no Sideritis scardica on the Taygetos mountain range but exclusively Sideritis clandestina which is subject to a strict prohibition of collecting.


    The taste of Sideritis scardica is mild, classy and supple on the palate and differs considerably from all other mountain teas.


    Carefully packed and low air sealed. Detailed information about preparation, essential oils, threat of extinction etc. see chapter "About Greek mountain tea" on this website.

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