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Wild oregano - the spicy . . . . . crushed 20 gr./0,7 oz.

7,00 €Preis

    Oregano - this is the spicy herb in the "Greek Salad", on grilled "Souvlakis" and the smell flowing from a pizzeria from afar. This fine Greek herb will add a kick to your salads, pizzas and grilled meat. Rarely you will find such intense mountain oregano, try it!


    To use in the kitchen, for instance chicken in the oven with olive oil and lemon juice, sprinkled on baked potatoes, ground at the end in a tomato sauce, on the pizza, for parboiled potatoes with butter and salt, grilled meats, in herb butter together with salt and thyme. An incomparable pleasure is lightly grilled bread slices drizzled with good olive oil, salt and that Greek oregano. If you offer your guests such slices of bread on a cold winter evening, directly from the fireplace, you will be showered with compliments!


    To make the flavor fully release always crumble it between the fingers, do not just spread over. Use it generously, it is a healing herb and strengthens you!


    Oregano has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and many other therapeutic properties; in order to benefit daily you can drink oregano as a tea. We recommend you to consult the product description of our oregano tea in this case which is a little cheaper since it is not necessary to crush it.


    This Greek oregano grows wild on the Taygetos Mountains. After being collected it is dried in a shady place in the open air and then stored closed in the dark. In order to guarantee the best quality we prepare it only on receipt of each order and package it in recyclable PP bags. 

    In contrast to Greek mountain tea wild oregano is not threatened with extinction.


    The products from Sparta Natura come from 100% organic production, no chemical fertilizer or pest or weed control are applied and they are neither gassed nor irradiated.

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